Top 18 Most Hilarious Police Sketch Fails

Grab your pencil and a piece of paper, let’s get to the drawing board! When a person commits a crime and flees the scene before police arrive, authorities often ask witnesses to describe the suspect in order to create a sketch. After taking all of the witnesses’ and victims’ statements, a composite sketch is then created of the suspect and released to the public in an effort to engage the community to find and stop the criminal.

With incredible artistic talent in even the police force, there have been some memorable composite sketches throughout history, such as the Unabomber or DB Cooper. But, not everyone is as talented, which means that there have been quite a number of bad sketches, and that’s even putting it nicely.

From drawings that look like a toddler’s masterpiece to computer generated images that are absolutely ridiculous, it’s amazing that some criminals ever get caught. So which of the police sketches were among the worst? We found 18 of the most hilarious police sketch fails of all time. You’ll even be surprised to learn that some of them actually led to an arrest. Let’s take a look!